Star Wars: The Force Awakens(Episode VII)

So I definitely have not been the biggest Star Wars fan. I have seen all six of the past movies, but I did not rewatch the films multiple times and I do not have a complete understanding of all the characters’ back stories. However that is all in the past because as of now I am a major Star Wars fan thanks to the most recent film.

Things to Know About Star Wars: The Force Awakens:

  1. As I mentioned before, I was not always a major Star Wars fan. This movie is great because you can still jump in to the story line even if you have not recently studied up on your Star Wars knowledge. Of course, if you have not seen Star Wars before you will miss some of the back story and the excitement of seeing the original trilogy characters return to the film.
  2. I applaud the casting director for this film because the new characters were all cast perfectly. It is also really hard for me to pick a favorite character/actor as I love them all and I cannot wait to see their stories unfold in the next couple of movies.
  3. I think what makes this film so great is that director J.J. Abrams created a great balance between what originally made Star Wars a hit  and a new era of Star Wars filmmaking. As the film started I felt a sense of nostalgia, which continued as familiar characters returned, but the new characters and modern upgrades to the series made it great as well. It is also awesome going to the movies and seeing eighty year old fans and eight year old fans enjoying the same film.

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