Of course ever airport has its issues and many airports are on similar levels when it comes to stressful air travel. Although I have not been to many airports on a consistent basis, LAX, or the Los Angeles International Airport, is currently my least favorite. I have taken flights in and out of LAX and I have also picked someone up from this airport, and it seems to not be getting any better. Here are a few things to know about LAX:

Things to Know About Los Angeles International Airport(LAX):

  1. I should not complain too much(but I will) as this is an airport that has a large selection of destinations and airlines. Also, it is in a prime location for anyone in the Los Angeles area.
  2. I would say the worst part of the airport is the way the drop off and pick up section of the airport is arranged. Most airports have the arrival and departure maze that can be difficult to navigate. However, it is as if LAX wanted to mimic the surrounding city’s traffic patterns when the top and bottom roundabout was designed. The arrivals section involves weaving in and out of two lanes, while the departures section is four lanes that are always backed up. I would suggest being prepared ahead of time.
  3. The LAX airport itself is organized into separate terminals, which is one of the reasons traffic can be so backed up. I have been on a shuttle before where someone had to jump out and run to the end of the long terminal because the cars were completely stopped. I would make sure that when you book your flight you know your airline’s terminal number.
  4. Now just from my experience from the terminals I have flown out of, there have not been enough security lines or places to eat. The ratio of people to security lines and of people to places to eat, leads to very long lines, which is one of the downfalls to having separate terminals. Also, this might sound silly to some people, but I have complained to many that I prefer some terminals over others due to the options for food(although you cannot really control the terminals unless you are willing to change your airline).

Overall, you cannot avoid the negative aspects of airports, but you can try to be as prepared as possible.



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