Gotta Dance

So this past weekend I was able to go see the show Gotta Dance while I was downtown Chicago. Now, I did not really know anything about the musical before, except for the brief synopsis I read online, and I was just expecting to be entertained for the night. However, I ended up loving the musical and would totally recommend it.

Things to Know About the Musical Gotta Dance:

  1. Like I mentioned, I did not know much about the musical, so I was surprised to learn that I had the honor of attending the opening night. Currently the show is at The Bank of America Theatre in Chicago. Also, the creator of this musical also directed the shows Kinky Boots and On Your Feet.
  2. The musical is based on a documentary of the same name that came out in 2008 about a basketball dance team composed of twelve women and one man that are all about sixty years old and up.
  3. The cast includes many experienced stage and screen actors. Although I did not know most of them, actresses Stefanie Powers and Georgia Engel were familiar to me.
  4. The storyline will make you laugh and has some heartfelt moments too.
  5. The cast’s ability to sing and dance will blow you away.
  6. Also, for the younger audience out there, by the end of the musical you will feel inclined to call your grandparents if you are not already seeing the show with them.
  7. Overall, Gotta Dance is a great show, well-written, hilarious, heartfelt, surprising, and I think very unique from what I have seen before.

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