The Ivy

Once known as a celebrity hot spot(as some claim since it is becoming “too popular” some celebrities are dining elsewhere) The Ivy restaurant has an LA chic vibe with lavish cuisine. I found it interesting that it is considered an upscale restaurant and has such pricey food, yet their decor and style sort of contradicts this. While I like the unconventional decor, including mix-matched dining sets, flowery furniture, cushions and couches, and decorated dishes, the decor and the fact that you basically sit on top of other people and are forced to make new friends while eating, does not match their pricey food. I did not take a picture of it, but our table was literally up against another table as if four of us showed up to the restaurant instead of two different sets of two people. However, I have only been to The Ivy in Los Angeles for The Ivy in Santa Monica may be more spacious. Overall this restaurant is cute for the experience and you may be lucky and be seated right next to a celebrity and be able to basically breathe down their neck without them being able to do anything about it.


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