Duff’s Cakemix


Things To Know About Duff’s Cakemix:

  • It is located on Melrose Avenue.
  • You can buy cupcakes, cake in a jar, or a professionally decorated cake.
  • Duff’s Cakemix main purpose however, is a cake design studio that lets the customers try it out by using tools, fondant and icing, an already baked cake, and step-by-step directions.
  • The studio has themed nights, such as their Halloween night, but they also have different pictures of designs you could choose from, including a minion cake(so cute), a Tiffany Bow cake, and a cake with different emojis(We choose to do a popcorn cake).
  • Be aware of their pricing as they charge for the tools and cake that they give you plus each person in your group gets charged per hour while you are using the studio. They do not charge you until the end, so it could get pretty pricey if you are not keeping track.
  • As a major fan of Cake Boss, it was pretty cool getting to try out cake design for myself.
  • Although I lack artistic ability in most areas(my hands were just not made to create art) the instructions made it pretty simple for me to follow.


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