Milk Jar Cookies

After spending too much time at home surrounded by all of my stuff, and after getting sick of my own cooking and spending months longing for various favorite restaurant items, I excitedly welcome any and all food gifts. I was sent a dozen cookies for Valentine’s Day and that will top a dozen flowers or … More Milk Jar Cookies

Hotel Collection

After spending way too much time staring at the same apartment for months and months, I decided to spend the beginning of 2021 slowly changing up the decor to at least give it a fresh appearance and trick my mind into thinking I’m somewhere new. I didn’t intend to purchase all new bedding from the … More Hotel Collection


Clementine is the type of local restaurant and bakery where everything they make tastes as if it was homemade in your neighbor’s kitchen in the best way. They are home to my favorite tuna melt sandwich, which is heavy on the melt and probably why I like it so much. A cheesy, greasy, and tasty … More Clementine

Magnolia Bakery

2020 is the year of finding small moments of joy while everything else is falling apart. Which, for me, means indulging in lots of sweets for no special reason whatsoever. Who needs a special occasion when you can bring home delicious goods from Magnolia Bakery simply to cheer yourself up and your roommate. Magnolia Bakery … More Magnolia Bakery

Yeastie Boys Bagels

This is the perfect time to be a food truck as I can’t think of a better social distancing restaurant setup. I actually had to adjust to the thought of “food trucks” when I first moved to Los Angeles. Ice cream trucks were the closest thing to a food truck I experienced growing up in … More Yeastie Boys Bagels

Joan’s On Third

Six months into the pandemic, it is still so shocking to look at pre-coronavirus pictures of what life used to be like and how even small life rituals, such as eating inside a busy Joan’s on Third every weekend, was something I didn’t realize would soon be drastically changed. But it is so important to … More Joan’s On Third